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Rest3d by Anabolix Nutrition has been formulated with the most effective and highest quality ingredients designed to support natural sleep and relaxation. Say goodbye to restless nights with this sleep formula.

Sleeping is as important as your diet and exercise plan. You need a combination of all to achieve your best physique. When the body is resting (sleeping) is when you repair, recover and rebuild those muscles that have worked hard on a gruelling session.

Take charge of your fitness and health goals and give your body the rest it needs. A good night sleep will also support the immune system as your body resets all the important imbalances that you might have in your body after a big day. When your immune system is healthy you will also prevent inflammation in the body.

Having a restful sleep will also help to balance hormonal imbalances in the body. When hormones are not well balanced your physique can be affected as well. So no matter how much you train or eat clean you won’t see any results if you are not resting the body properly.

Add a sleeping formula to your stack and get your hands on Rest3d by Anabolix Nutrition today. with the right combination of ingredients, you will sleep like a baby once again.

Each serve (1scoop) of Rest3d by Anabolix Nutrition contains:

  • 25mg of vitamin B3
  • 750mg of L-tyrosine
  • 300mg of KSM-66
  • 250mg of Valerian root powder
  • 250mg of Kanna
  • 250mg of Magnolia
  • 200mg of Lemon balm extract
  • 225mg of Hops flower extract 10:1
  • 200mg of Chamomile flower
  • 150mg of Passionflower
  • 25mg of Apigenin

Warning: For use by healthy adults only, not recommended for persons under the age of 18. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.

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