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OxyShred by EHP Labs : Next Level Fat Burning

Kickstarting your metabolism and accelerating fat loss has never been easier thanks to to the introduction of EHP Labs’ cutting-edge, world-renowned thermogenic fat burner, OxyShred!

Described as the most advanced and powerful thermogenic fat burner currently available in Australia, EHP Labs OxyShred is a scientifically researched and trialled formula specifically designed to promote a rapid increase in subcutaneous fat cell breakdown, through a process called Hyper-Lipolysis.

OxyShred : How does it work?

By converting stored fat cells to the mitochondria where they can be converted to energy, EHP Labs OxyShred also limits calorie absorption, so that you burn fat and keep it off. Oxyshred also regulates appetite, to fight snack cravings and achieve your weight loss goals, without the use of synthetic dietary compounds which often carry nasty side effects. Whilst it's widely adored for its rapid fat burning capabilities, that’s certainly not all it offers - From improving immunity and boosting metabolism to giving that extra kick of energy and mental focus to train harder and for longer, the list of benefits are endless!

Scientifically formulated with EHP Labs' Hyper-Lipolysis Compound, OxyShred combines powerful fat metabolising L-Carnitine at a full 3.5g dose, with natural fat burning compounds such as Raspberry Ketones, Grapefruit Seed Extract, African Ild Mango, Green Tea Coffee Bean and Olive Leaf Extract to create the ultimate thermogenic effect.

Key Features & Benefits of OxyShred:

  • Fast thermogenic fat burner - The elixir of ingredients used in OxyShred are carefully selected to induce hyper-lipolysis, which is an involved process that increases the rate at which subcutaneous fat molecules burn. of increased burning of the subcutaneous fat molecules.
  • Limits calorie absorption - Through converting stored fat cells to the mitochondria, where they can then be converted to energy, Oxyshred assists in limiting calorie absorption. This helps you to keep off the fat you’re burning!
  • Immunity support - When the body speeds up its metabolism and oxidises fat molecules, it can have a considerable physiological and hormonal impact. By introducing an array of ingredients into the formula that boosts immunity and defence, such as OxyShred Immunity Booster and Full B Vitamin Spectrum, it helps the body to adjust to the changes without negative side-effects.
  • No heavy stimulants
  • Mood enhancer - With an added full Vitamin B Complex to boost energy production, OxyShred’s mood enhancing formula fights the mental side effects of a calorie deficient diet, combining caffeine anhydrous, taurine and L-Tyrosine for energy and motivation, to make sure you get the most out of every workout.
  • Delicious flavour selection - Available in a huge variety of flavours to suit every taste! Choose from Guava Paradise, Wild Melon, Kiwi Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit, Passionfruit and Mango.

For a thermogenic fat burner backed by science and athletes from all around the world, EHP Labs OxyShred is the perfect choice for you. Excel in your weight loss and fat burning efforts with one of the most powerful thermogenic supplements on the Australian market!

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