Night Time Aminos by Musashi

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Achieving your fitness goals is not only a matter of the right diet and exercise routine, having a good night sleep is also vital. After a hard session in the gym your body needs to recover, give your body the nutrients it needs for a full recovery and muscle growth with Musashi Night Time Aminos.

The blend is scientifically designed to give you the tools and benefits of a restful sleep for optimal results. Musashi Night Time Aminos has a complete blend of branched-chain amino acids, magnesium, zinc and herbal extracts giving you muscle growth and recovery while you sleep.

A good night sleep is vital when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.  Give your body the essential nutrients it needs for better performance and results. Your body deserves the rest and recovery to achieve the results from exercising and dieting.

The key ingredients of Musashi Night Time Aminos include:
  • Passion flower extract which helps to induce sleep. Resting your body during the night is vital to achieving your fitness goals.
  • Magnesium for muscle recovery. No more delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after a hard session, plus the added benefit of muscle relaxation for a good sleep.
  • Zinc which helps to clear free radicals after a strenuous gym session, giving you a speedy recovery.

Each serving of Musashi Night Time Aminos will give you 310mg of magnesium, 100mg of ziziphus jujuba var.spinosa, 100mg of passiflora incarnata and all essential amino acids for a full recovery.

Replenish your body while you sleep and try Musashi Night Time Amino for a speedy recovery while you sleep. The blend comes in a Fruit Punch Flavour for a great tasting formula.

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