Lipo Fyre By Genetix Nutrition

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Genetix Nutrition have developed this highly advanced fat burning and muscle support supplement. This is a breakthrough blend that strips unwanted body fat whilst preserving lean muscle mass. It incorporates some of the most bioavailable fat stripping compounds available on the market. 

  • Fat stripping protein
  • High protein/low fat
  • Potent fat burners

This product has been designed to suit both men and women who wish to increase fat loss and muscle tone and LipoFyre combines both objectives into the one smartly designed product.

Boasting high quality Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) to ensure that not only are you receiving an instant supply of aminos but also a sustained release that will ensure you do not get those dreaded hunger cravings.

The inside scoop

Genetix Nutrition Lipo-fyre contains a "high-protein-matrix" of both fast and medium digesting protein with added fat burners as detailed below:

  • WPI is a fast digested protein high in bio-availability. It is great for post-workout supplementation because that's the time when your body needs protein the fastest! Whey isolate is digested very quickly (about 30 minutes) ensuring you don’t miss the ‘Window’. WPI can be used anytime protein is required fast.
  • WPC is a medium digesting protein with an excellent muscle building amino acid profile. It also contains high levels of immune and health enhancing protein fractions making it ideal to support muscle growth and the metabolism of hard trainers.
  • Guarana is a natural source of caffeine, which provides a good source of energy as well as stimulating fat mobilisation. Guarana has also been shown to suppress appetite and is a great addition to maximise fat loss.
  • L-Carnitine is one of the most powerful fat mobilises and works by transporting fatty acids across the muscle cell membrane into the cell mitochondria where it can be used as fuel and not stored in the on the thighs!
  • L-tyrosine is a fatigue fighter that also increases mental alertness.
  • Glutamine combats muscle breakdown post training and activates on muscle issue production for faster recovery and growth. 
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