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Experience the pure goodness of Hemp Foods Australia's natural, plant-based hemp seed protein powder - Hemp Gold Protein. Crafted with Hemp Gold™, boasting a remarkable 60% protein content and effortless digestibility, this grain-free protein powder offers a generous 20g of protein per serving.

With a commitment to sustainability, each scoop of Hemp Gold Protein contains hemp protein sourced in an eco-friendly manner, completely free from chemical additives. This versatile hemp seed protein powder seamlessly blends into your favourite smoothies, shakes, breakfast cereal, or yogurt. It also serves as a superb flour replacement in baked goods, enhances salad dressings, enriches soup stocks, adds depth to burgers, and elevates nut butter recipes.

Fuel your day with the enduring vitality derived from natural sources. Hemp Gold Protein sustains your energy levels, keeping you refreshed and poised to conquer daily challenges. Elevate your fitness journey with this raw, vegan, and plant-based protein - a testament to the power of nature.

The benefits of Hemp Gold Protein by Hemp Foods Australia include:

  • 20g of protein per serving
  • Dairy and grain free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Contains complete amino acid profile
  • Easy to digest, making it gut-friendly
  • ACO-certified organic
  • Mix easily and creamy texture

Hemp Gold™ protein powder is made with certified organic hulled hemp seeds. Then, it goes through a purely mechanical cold-milling process, which results in a fine powder that is easy to mix and blend. There are no chemicals involved in this process. Hemp seed protein powder is a complete protein with vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

Organic protein powder is produced through a cold-pressing method applied to whole hemp seeds. This process effectively separates the seeds from their oil content. Subsequently, a finely textured powder is meticulously crafted through a cold-milling and sieving process, which relies solely on physical separation. This entirely natural approach avoids the use of heat, chemicals, or solvents. The resulting product is a genuine protein powder, rich in nutrients and packed with essential amino acids, distinct from what is commonly referred to as 'hemp flour.'

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