Cookie Mix by Macro Mike

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Are you craving cookies but don’t want to have all the calories that come with it? Try out the new product from Macro Mike. The new Cookie Mix is packed with 100% natural ingredients and plant protein so you can enjoy a cookie or two guilt-free.

When it comes to a sweet treat that is healthy and good for you, Cookie Mix delivers the best ingredients so you can enjoy a treat without restricting yourself.

Add extra flavour to your morning tea or coffee or enjoy a cookie sandwich without the calories and sugar that comes with a regular cookie. You can also add the cookie to your smoothie bowl for extra flavour.

Whether you have food intolerances, or you’re on a specific diet, Cookie Mix by Macro Mike delivers the right amount of ingredients to suit your nutritional intake. Don’t restrict yourself from the foods that you love, Macro Mike has created a range of products that are gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan and gut-friendly.

Try out the new Cookie Mix by Macro Mike today. All you need to do is add non-dairy milk to the mix, roll it and bake it! Enjoy a cookie or two without feeling guilty.

Each serving of Cookie Mix by Macro Mike, which is 1 baked cookie will give you:
  • 61 calories compared to 200 calories from a regular cookie
  • 3.1g of protein, which is from a plant-based source
  • 9g of carbohydrates compared to 30g from a regular cookie
  • 3g of sugar, which is from coconut nectar
  • 1.3g of fat and only 0.5g is saturated
  • 50mg of sodium
  • 0.7g of fibre
  • 3g of erythritol a low-calorie sweetener

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