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Help support thermogenesis with Burn Code by Genetix Nutrition. This formula contains a comprehensive thermogenic blend featuring Acetyl L-Carnitine, which assists in fatty acid metabolism, and vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12, to aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. In addition, this product contains Chromium, an essential component for glucose and sugar metabolism, and Iodine, which maintains a healthy thyroid function, boosts the body's metabolism and stimulates thermogenesis.

What benefits could Burn Code by Genetix Nutrition offer you:

  • Support energy production and thermogenesis
  • Maintain collagen formation
  • Support body metabolism and metabolic rate
  • Maintain connective tissue health, production and formation
  • Support blood health and red blood cell production
  • Helps maintain haemoglobin formation and synthesis
  • Support healthy thyroid hormones, gland health and gland function
  • Maintain immune system health and function
  • Aid glucose, sugar and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Assists protein synthesis in the body
  • Support healthy stress response in the body
  • Maintain temporary mental and cognitive concentration, focus and clarity
  • Assists synthesis of neurotransmitters
  • Support nervous system health and function

Warning: Adults only. Caffeine intake more than 200 mg per day is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Contains 25 mg total caffeine per hard capsule. A cup of instant coffee contains approximately 80 mg of caffeine. Caffeine interacts with the liver enzyme CYP1A2. Consult your health professional before taking with other medicines. Limit the use of caffeine-containing products (including tea and coffee) when taking this product. Do not use if breastfeeding, pregnant, or likely to become pregnant.

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