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Amino Charged WPI by International Protein

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What is Amino Charged WPI by International Protein?

Whey protein isolate, WPI for short, is the most bioavailable protein in the industry. It contains the highest amount of usable protein as well as the lowest amount of fat. This makes it an ideal supplement to take right after your workout. There are plenty of options when it comes to WPI but only one is consistently used by the bodybuilding community. Introducing Amino Charged WPI by International Protein.

What are the benefits of using Amino Charged WPI by International Protein?

Amino Charged WPI by International Protein is a unique product amidst a flooded market. It goes above and beyond, offering you more than just the usual benefits of protein isolate.

Hydrolyzed Peptides

Hydrolyzed means broken down. When you have hydrolyzed protein, your body is doing less work, ensuring the highest rate of digestibility and assimilation.
These hydrolyzed peptides trigger the benefits that support muscle mass and strength gains.

Amino Acids

Amino Charged WPI contains a fermented version of L-Glutamine, ensuring a fast acting, clean, non-filler product for your muscles to use. L-Glutamine supports muscle recovery and it’s an ideal part of the muscle building process.
You’ll also get L-Arginine. Working together with isolate peptides and L-Glutamine, L-Arginine can thrive and provide you with several key benefits including performance recovery, lean muscle mass, and energy support.

Junk Free

Amino Charged WPI is free from harmful fillers, providing you with an elite quality supplement to support fat loss and muscle building.

Who should be using Amino Charged WPI by International Protein?

Amino Charged WPI by International Protein is an ideal protein supplement to be used for all types of fitness goals including strength, power, muscle building, and fat loss. It’s easily digestible, supports the post-workout recovery process, and can complement any calorie restricted diet plan. No matter your goals, Amino Charged WPI can help get you there.

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