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8 Hour Night By Genetix Nutrition

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For a slow-release protein, which is great for muscle repair and recovery look no further than 8 Hour Night by Genetix Nutrition. This slow-digesting protein powder will help to reduce catabolism while you sleep, meaning better muscle repair and growth.

Casein protein is excellent to be taken before bed as it will help the body to stay anti-catabolic while you sleep. You will provide the body with the right nutrients at night. This protein powder can help you to prevent muscle breakdown as it’s slow releasing into the bloodstream.

8 Hour Night may help with restful sleep, as it has a combination of ingredients that promotes better sleep. Having a good night sleep helps the body to recover and repair after exercise.

Adding a casein protein powder to your diet may also help with fat loss as you will feel fuller for longer, especially if added with physical activity and proper diet. When you have protein, you will decrease your appetite as you give the body the nutrients needed.

8 Hour Night by Genetix is made with 100% pure casein, which makes this protein powder creamy and thick as well as mouth-watering. This product is great to be taken before bed as well as for cooking healthy snacks and treats.  Get your hands on this premium casein protein powder today!

Each serving size (40g) of 8 Hour Night by Genetix Nutrition has:

  • 31g of pure casein protein for a slow-release protein.
  • 1g of carbohydrate and only 2.5g is sugar.
  • 18mg of magnesium for better sleep.
  • 1mg of zinc to fight inflammation.
  • Essential amino acids to build muscle as well as help with muscle fatigue.
  • Non-essential amino acids to help with tissue repair and growth.
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