100% Pure Beta Alanine by Genetix Nutrition Essentials

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Beta alanine is an amino acid that is found naturally in the body. It is essential for the efficient working of muscles, as it reduces the acidity of muscles during and after exercise.  Beta alanine is used frequently by athletes to increase strength and endurance, improve energy and to delay muscle fatigue.

Beta alanine works by reducing the acidity levels in the muscles. During exercise, hydrogen ions are produced in the body, which causes a drop in pH; in other words, it creates an acid environment. This causes the muscle fatigue that is experienced during a workout – burning muscles, and a sensation of increasing weakness. Beta alanine absorbs the hydrogen ions, reducing acidity and increasing the muscles’ ability to continue working.

Why use 100% Pure Beta Alanine

Supplementing of Beta Alanine helps delay the onset of muscular fatigue by buffering the onset of lactic acid. This allows the muscle to contract harder and for longer periods of time making Beta Alanine beneficial to anyone training or actively involved in sport.

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