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100% Pure BCAA by Genetix Nutrition Essentials

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Reduce muscle breakdown and assist with recovery and repair. Using 100% Pure BCAAs during exercise delays fatigue and improves endurance which allows longer and more powerful workouts.

Why use 100% Pure BCAA

Repair and Grow: BCAAs activate protein synthesis signalling your body to begin the muscle repair and rebuilding phase. Consuming BCAA around your workout will allow for better recovery, improved performance and assist in adding lean muscle.

Delay Fatigue: BCAA delay fatigue by blocking the aminos that signal our body to feel tired. By BCAAs blocking these aminos you can train harder, longer and stronger and improve your perfomance on the gym and on the sporting field.


The BCAAs are also known as leucine, isoleucine, and valine. What sets them apart from other amino acids is that they have some very specific and very special properties, such as:

  • Promotng protein synthesis in muscle
  • BCAAs taken during training have been shown to increase growth hormone, thus increasing anabolism and anti-catabolism
  • Unlike other amino acids they’re are used to provide energy
  • A 1992 Italian study showed that BCAA taken prior to a workout not only prevented a decrease in post-workout testosterone levels but also caused it to increase
  • They have been shown to decrease post-workout muscle soreness
  • According to a 1997 study published in Medicina Dello Sport, when taken 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after a workout, BCAAs were shown to increase lean body mass and improve strength in the bench press and squat
  • BCAAs have been shown to increase exercise endurance, especially exercise conducted in high temperatures

Obviously, we should all be using BCAAs! As little as four grams of BCAA can kick start the body from a catabolic state to muscle growth environment.

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