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ZMA+ by Body Ripped

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Body Ripped HGH plus ZMA - Lose body fat while you sleep? That’s right, you can actually burn fat and gain muscle while you sleep with Body Ripped’s incredible product HGH plus ZMA. Just one serving a day – taken at night before bed (can also be used before exercise) – can actually increase your body’s natural growth hormone output significantly.

Growth Hormone (or GH), is one of the body’s master hormones, with significant metabolic and anti-aging effects. But unfortunately, the body’s own GH release declines with age, until – by age 40 – it may have dropped by up to 90% from its youth-full peak. Thankfully, HGH plus ZMA can trigger an increased release of GH from the body’s stores increasing GH release naturally through amino acid supplementation has been linked to the following positive effects 

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