Slim-Fit by Body Ripped

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Combining the highest quality lean muscle building WPI with a fat burning herbal blend, SLIMFIT makes your physique toning and shaping goals easer to achieve than ever!


SLIMFIT is ultra low in carbs and fat, tastes delicious, and provides you with the nutritional support of added vitamins and minerals. Plus, SLIMFIT helps to curb appetite - an aspect often overlooked by many diet formulas - making weight loss goals that little bit easier to achieve.

An important benefit of using SLIMFIT is its ability to restore and rebuild your calorie-burning muscles. SLIMFIT's high protein content of over 77% is composed entirely of rapidly absorbed isolated whey proteins. Their benefit to you is that in 30 minutes or less, these proteins are actively restoring muscle tissue, and reducing soreness from even your toughest training sessions.

Also in SLIMFIT are the fat transporting amino acids L-Carnitine and Acetyl Carnitine, which have both been shown to positively influence fat loss and increase energy levels; as is herbal sourced Hydroxycitric Acid - a nutrient shown to prevent the conversion of carbohydrate to fat. SLIMFIT even has Green Tea extract, an anti-oxidant herb which has many metabolic and fat loss benefits.

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