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  • safe and secure checkout
  • same day dispatch if you order before 3pm AEST
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders above $150

Body War Body Shred is an extreme fat burner that comes as weight loss powder and is loaded with fat burning ingredients to help you declare the “war on fat”. This supplement comes from relatively new Australian supplement company Body War Nutrition and fits into the bodybuilding category of supplements.

Body War Body Shred Facts

  • If you contact Nick via the Body Shred website you can sell this supplement yourself! Other than this there is no customer service line.
  • The powder is available in three flavours.
  • Sold only in Australia.

Body War Body Shred is a powder that you add to water and drink as a Shake. It is available in three flavours; Cola Blast, Coconut Lychee and Peaches in Cream so if you have a sweet tooth, you will probably enjoy these tastes.

This supplement comes with the warning that it is a strong and extreme fat burner.

This means it is important to know the ingredients before you take it so you can check out whether it is suitable for you to take and if it is dangerous – as many extreme fat burners are, at least you can look out for side effects and understand the potential risks beforehand.

There is a lot of confusion over the ingredients in Body War Body Shred, which is troubling. Many of the people selling this supplement claim different ingredients for this supplement.

We decided to go straight to the Body War Nutrition website and take a look at the ingredients listed by the main distributor/ manufacturer or whatever their role actually is. This did not work because the one page Body War Nutrition website lacks any real information such as proper ingredients information or an accurate list, the country of supplements origin or a buy it now button.

The principle seller appears to be Rockhard Supplements also an Australian website. Their information is confusing, because according to their ingredients list for Body War Body Shred, the profile is different again, to what is listed on the Body War Nutrition Website. None of this adds up.

Finally, we found an ingredients label. It contained different ingredients to those listed on the Body War Nutrition Site and the Rockhard Supplements site.

What we can say for sure, is this supplement contains some questionable ingredients.

These include Amp Citrate which is very similar to now banned DMAA a stimulant with dangerous side effects, cognitive enhancer Pikatropin (more commonly known as Picamilion) and Bitter orange – a stimulant also known as synephrine and may help fat burning as well as increase heart rate and blood pressure.

There are also some more mainstream ingredients such as caffeine, green tea and raspberry ketone plus some unusual herbal extracts.

Body War Body Shred comes from Australian supplements company Body War Nutrition.

There is little information about the supplements or the company itself and the supplements are unavailable to by from the website. You are however invited to contact someone called Nick for wholesale enquiries should you want to sell the supplements yourself.

Other supplements include Pre War and Shred 24, which appear to be very similar to Body Shred.

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