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Rapid Pre by Rapid Supplements

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RAPID PRE Pre-Workout is a strong pre-workout supplement purposely formulated to deliver super high levels of energy and to help motivate you to have the absolute best workout each and every time you workout. 1 scoop is strong BUT 2 scoops is INSANE without the CRASH or come down that super high strength pre-workouts always give you which we try to avoid. RAPID PRE Pre-Workout achieves this by using very high doses of the new ingredient DYNAMINE (Methyliberine) supported with other co-factors to help you feel great each and every time and not just caffeine like most other pre-workout supplements.

RAPID PRE Pre-Workout is suitable for anyone male or female looking for a fat burner that delivers high energy and focus to help them maximise workout intensity, strength and performance during training.

Each scoop of Rapid Pre by Rapid Supplements contains:

  • 6000 mg of citrulline malate 
  • 300mg of caffeine anhydrous 
  • 30mg of Synephrine HCL 
  • 50mg of Astragin
  • 100mg of Teacrine®
  • 200mg of Dynamine™


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