Pump3d Shaker by Anabolix Nutrition

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Smash your training with the Anabolix Nutrition Pump3d Shaker. Whether it's a protein shake, an amino acid recharge, or a pre-workout boost you're after, this BPA-free shaker ensures a consistently smooth blend. The secure screw-on lid and GrippedBar guarantee leak-proof performance, keeping your liquids safely contained. Say goodbye to lumps, thanks to the metal mixer ball that ensures a consistently smooth shake whenever you need it!

The key features of the Pump3d Shaker by Anabolix Nutrition include:

  • BPA free
  • Screw-on and secure lid
  • Sturdy material
  • StayOpen and GripperBar
  • Easy to clean plus dishwasher safe
  • Base fits in most drink holders
  • Stylish Anabolix design
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