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MCT Powder by Giant Sports

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MCT Powder by Giant Sports provides clean and sustainable energy for optimal performance, mental clarity and digestive system. The combination of ingredients will help the body to use fat as a source of energy for the brain and muscles.

This supplement has added acacia gum for optimal digestive balance. The fibre concentration will help cleanse the digestive system for optimal health inside out. MCT Powder by Giant Sports is perfect to be added to smoothies, coffee or food.

Get sustains energy, mental performance and appetite control and be on top of your health game. You will also burn more fat if you are on a low-calorie diet or keto, as this product will help you stay in ketogenic.

MCT Powder by Giant is keto, paleo and vegan-friendly and made from 100% non-GMO coconuts. An easy and convenient way to take your MCT every day! Get your hand on MCT Powder by Giant Sports today.

Each serve of MCT Prebiotic Powder by Giant Sports has:

  • 72 calories
  • 8g of saturated fat
  • Zero carbohydrates and sugar
  • 2g of fibre
  • 100% Non-GMO Coconuts
  • No dairy or gluten
  • 20% of prebiotic acacia gum(fibre), which helps to support bowel function.
  • 80% of medium chain triglycerides- Composed of 70% of caprylic (C8), 27% of capric (C10) with the remaining 3% made of caproic (C6) and lauric acid (C12).
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