Liver Health Milk Thistle Plus by Henry Blooms

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Liver Health Milk Thistle Plus by Blooms has been developed with the intention of supporting the liver and the body’s natural detoxification processes and aiding in the support of the liver’s regeneration processes. 

The liver is somewhat of an underestimated organ in the body considering how busy it is. Amongst other things, the liver is tasked with detoxifying and eliminating toxins present in the body and aiding general health and wellbeing. The liver is also capable of regenerating itself to ensure it can continue to carry out these processes. 

However, as many of us often feel, carrying out these processes takes work, and sometimes the liver benefits from something of a helping hand. 

That’s what this Blooms formula looks to offer, aiding the liver in these processes and supporting bile flow to aid general health and wellbeing. 

This formula also provides antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties, aiding the body in reducing free radicals formed, and therefore reducing the potential damage to body cells, including in the liver, that free radicals can cause. 

This formula can also aid the healthy function of the digestive system, reducing digestive discomfort, and contains ingredients used in traditional Western herbal medicine to relieve the symptoms of indigestion. 

The benefits of  Liver Health Milk Thistle Plus by Blooms include:

  • Reduces free radicals formed in the body
  • Helps to reduce free radical damage to body cells
  • Supports the body’s natural detoxification and cleansing processes
  • Supports healthy function of the liver
  • Supports general health and wellbeing
  • Enhances healthy liver function
  • Supports the body’s natural channels of elimination
  • Relieves digestive discomfort
  • Supports healthy function of the digestive system

Dosage: Adults: Take 1 capsule daily.

Warning: Vitamins can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

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