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A cutting edge, incinerator formula. We have combined high-energy ingredients with an obliterating heat factor.

Fire-up your workouts with Lipodrine by Growth Labs Australia. This potent incinerator has been formulated to support your energy requirements and will quite literally, heat up your life. The secret to results achieved by Lipodrine by Growth Labs Australia lies in its strategic formula combination. Achieve your long-desired body composition with Lipodrine’s convenient single serve capsules.

If you are struggling to beat the bulge, you may just need that extra kick to help you power through your workouts and keep active during the day. Lipodrine by Growth Labs Australia can support your energy requirements so that you feel ready and motivated to train.

Growth Labs Australia is committed to delivering real results through research-based product development. Unlike a lot of other supplements available on the market, Lipodrine by Growth Labs Australia contains ingredients that are genuinely supported by peer-reviewed studies. When choosing the right incinerator for you, feel rest-assured that Growth Labs Australia provides a range of products that consumers can trust.

When you have Lipodrine by Growth Labs Australia, you’ll:

  • Have a potent formula to amplify your workouts
  • Consume a perfect ratio of amino acids and botanical compounds
  • Have a 2 month supply of this supplement
  • Consume a simple formula that consists of 5 ingredients
  • Have a supplement that contains 0 calories

Lipodrine by Growth Labs Australia can be used by anyone looking for an energy boost, not just fitness enthusiasts. Fire-up your workouts and train hard to reach your body composition goals.

Each serve (1 capsule) of Lipodrine by Growth Labs Australia has:

  • 325mg Anhydrous Caffeine
  • 100mg Griffonia simplicifolia Seed Extract
  • 75mg Hordeum vulgare var. Root Extract
  • 25mg Nandina domestica Fruit Extract
  • 25mg Synephrine HCL
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