Ketchup by Primal Kitchen

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When it comes to having sauce on your steak or meal, make sure you have something that won’t give you the extra calories and sugar. Primal Kitchen has created a range of sauces and vinaigrettes including an organic and unsweetened tomato sauce. The new Ketchup by Primal Kitchen is made with real food and no additives or added sugar.

You can now have sauce in your meal guilt free. The combination of ingredients gives you full flavours without all the added nasties that you find in a regular sauce. Ketchup by Primal Kitchen is made with USDA organic ingredients and no added sugar or sweeteners. This sauce is paleo friendly and Whole30 approved.

Made with real food and no added preservatives, GMOs or sugar, you can add Ketchup by Primal Kitchen is just about everything. Try it out today.

Each serving of Ketchup by Primal Kitchen has:
  • Only 10 calories
  • 2g of carbohydrates and only 1g of sugar
  • 105mg of sodium
  • Zero fat and protein
  • No added sugar that’s including dates, maple syrup or honey

    Ingredients - Organic Tomato Concentrate, Organic Balsamic Vinegar, Less than 2% of Salt, Organic Onion Powder, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Spices

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