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Jumbo by Scitec Nutrition

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Maximise your gains with Jumbo by Scitec Nutrition. The blend of ingredients will give you a high dose of protein and carbohydrate for maximal results. With high-calorie content (808) and protein (50g) per serving, you are sure to get to your goals.

This product is aimed for hard gainers due to the amount of high protein, carb and calories per serving. The high dose of carbohydrate will help with optimal tissue growth and maintenance, while the added creatine blend will give you strength and power to help build more muscle.

Having Jumbo will ensure you achieve maximal gains so that you can get to your goals. Try out this supplement if you want to get bigger, better and stronger.

Each serving of Jumbo by Scitec Nutrition contains:

  • 808 calories, which is a great amount for when you are trying to improve your gains.
  • 50g of high-quality unfiltered whey protein concentrate.
  • 144g of carbohydrates from 6 compounds including dextrose, oat flour, palatinose, maltodextrin, fructose and waxy maize starch.
  • 59g is sugar to help replenish depleted glycogen stores.
  • 9g of fat and only 1.9g is saturated a significant number so you can focus on your gains.
  • 5610mg of Crea-Bomb, which will give you more power and strength for better mass building.
  • 940mg of BCAAs, which will help with recovery.
  • 1056mg of Hemo-No matrix, which will help to build proteins in the body helping to increase blood flow, detoxify and improve blood pressure.
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