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It’s time to super-charge your workouts with the incredible Ignition Switch formula by Axe and Sledge. Designed for the hard workers, the people that push themselves in the gym and the athletes that strive to improve each time they train. This no-nonsense blend incorporates the highest-quality ingredients, so you’re mind and body is fuelled for hours. Don’t worry though, you won’t be experiencing the dreaded pre-workout crash. When the pre-workout wears off, you’ll still be able to tackle your day will 100% energy. Not only will your mental game be strong, but your physical stamina and strength will be supported during your entire gym session.  

There’s nothing worse than knowing you should go to the gym, but not having the energy or motivation to do so. With Ignition Switch, the gears will start turning and your mind and body will be ready to smash a killer training session, any day of the week.  

When you use Ignition Switch by Axe and Sledge you will: 
  • Support mental clarity and focus 
  • Help improve mind to muscle connection 
  • Assist in rest and recovery 
  • Help give you a supercharged muscle pump 

Axe and Sledge is on a mission to provide the hardest workers with supplements that match their goals, dedication and fitness dreams. They know you have high expectations of yourself, which is exactly why formulas like this are created. Push yourself and reach your fitness goals with Ignition Switch by Axe and Sledge. 

In each serving of Ignition Switch by Axe and Sledge you receive: 
  • 2500mg of L-Citrulline 
  • 800mg of Beta Alanine 
  • 500mg of Beet Juice Powder 
  • 250mg of Agmatine Sulfate 
  • 150mg of Caffeine Anhydrous 
  • 75mg of Choline Bitartrate 
  • 50mg of Di caffeine Malate 
  • 25mg of Theacrine 
  • 25mcg of Toothed Clubmoss 
  • 0.5mg of Thiamin 
  • 1mg of Riboflavin 
  • 10mg of Niacin 
  • 2.5mg of Vitamin B6 
  • 15mg of Vitamin B12 


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