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Heat Accelerated by Magnum Nutraceuticals

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Take fat burning to a whole new level with Heat Accelerated by Magnum Nutraceuticals. This thermogenic combine 30 fat-burning ingredients for optimal results.

Heat Accelerated raises the body core temperature to promote optimal fat loss. This thermogenic will boost your energy levels so you can smash it out at the gym. Whether you are an athlete or a gym goer this product will get rid of stubborn fat fast.

The combination of fat burning and adaptogens ingredients will provide you with a full day of energy while giving you restful sleep at night. The added adaptogens may also promote immune system function as well as help the body cope with stress. Heat Accelerated will also give you greater mental alertness.

Each serving of Heat Accelerated by Magnum Nutraceuticals has:

  • 107mg of Guarana, which contains 2.5 times more caffeine and its slow release for long-lasting energy.
  • 40mg of Raspberry ketone will help cells to release fatty acids more efficiently.
  • 15mg of Rhodiola to promotes weight loss by boosting metabolism and exercise ability
  • 20mg of Oolong tea, which increases energy expenditure which prevents the colon from absorbing nutrients including fats and calories
  • 45mg of Caffeine anhydrous and other caffeine sources, which increase the release of fatty tissue into the bloodstream to be used as energy
  • 10mg of Sesamin, which promotes fat oxidation
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