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Extreme Competition Colour by sunTANon - Tanning Product

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Sun Tan On - Fast and Dark Instant Tan

sunTANon Extreme Competition Colour can be used on the day of the competition and applied correctly, will leave a dark brown streak free tan. For use by anyone who requires a dark tan under strong lighting conditions, for example bodybuilders, physique athletes, dancers, actors and models, and great for photo shoots.

  • Contains no acetate, which can be damaging to the skin
  • Is oil free, and fades naturally after use like a real tan
  • Can also be used in spraying equipment
  • sunTANon comes in a unique 350 ml bottle, just right for a show
  • Made in Australia in a T.G.A. Registered Facility


  1. Apply evenly to clean dry skin using a foam roller or foam brush
  2. Allow to dry between coats, and re apply for a deeper tan - the colour will darken over several hours
  3. Your skin type will indicate how many coats of tan will be required - this is an easy visual assessment with 2 to 4 coats being average
  4. Allow to dry before direct contact with clothes or water
  5. For best results apply the tan over several days in the evening, and allow to develop over night, showering excess off in the morning and re applying until the desired color is achieved

Skin Preparation

Make sure you remove body hair at least 3 to 5 days before your competition, as shaving or using depilatory creams irritates the skin, which can cause fluid retention.

Applying sunTANon Extreme Competition Colour with a roller or foam brush.

Roller Method: Pour tan into a tray. After soaking roller squeeze excess tan out of roller by rolling in tray (as you would when painting making sure not to load roller too heavy). This will prevent the tan running. Roll evenly onto the skin - this is a very fast and convenient way to apply the tan.

Foam Brush Method: Pour tan in a tray. Don't load up brush too heavy and paint on. Allow sunTANon to dry between coats 10 to 15 minutes. A hair dryer can be used to speed this process. Wear old clothes whilst applying tan and sleep on old sheets.

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