EAA Max by Primeval Labs

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EAA Max by Primeval Labs is the perfect combination of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids, giving your body all the tools needed to support muscle growth, repair and recover.

To support muscle growth, you need to make sure your body repairs and recover and giving your body the nutrients required is essential. EAA Max will help to maximise the hard work you put in the gym. Combine this supplement with the right diet and exercise plan, and you will see optimal results.

This supplement has also added compounds that will help to boost energy and performance. EAA Max will increase the energy necessary to start and finish your workout stronger than ever. The added Cluster Dextrin to the formula will also help to stabilise blood sugar levels as well as make sugar readily available for your body to burn as energy.

When you train hard, you need to give your body the required nutrients so you can get the full benefits of it. EAA Max will deliver a complete formula so you can repair and recover the muscles for maximal results. Get your hands on this supplement to help you support muscle growth, repair and recover.

Each scoop of EAA Max by Primeval Labs has:

  • 820mg of EAAs, which is responsible for the amino acid-induced muscle protein anabolism.
  • 5g of BCAAs, which will help to support muscle growth, repair and recovery.
  • 17mg of magnesium, which will boost exercise performance.
  • 2g of Highly branched cyclic dextrin, which will help to stabilise blood sugars as well as increase energy levels.
  • 500 mg of D-Ribose, which will increase athletic performance.
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