Coffee Creamer by Before You Speak

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Ditch the unhealthy creamer for something that is good for you. Before You Speak has created the perfect addition to your coffee, Coffee Creamer. A combination of coconut, avocado and MCT that will see you bouncing from the walls with energy and stamina.

Adding the Coffee Creamer will not only ad extra flavour to your morning coffee but will also give you plenty of energy due to the high amount of MCT’s. Getting healthy fats into your diet will be a lot easier with this supplement.

The Coffee Creamer will provide you superior nutrition to keep you energised for the day. The high amount of healthy fats on the product makes this product keto and vegan friendly.

Boost mental performance with healthy fats and try out Coffee Creamer by Before You Speak.  Make that cup of coffee taste creamer and healthier than ever with Coffee Creamer. You will feel great with every sip you take.

In every scoop of Coffee Creamer by Before You Speak, you’ll get:

  • 47 calories from good healthy fats.
  • 5g of fat with 5.9 of those coming from good sources.
  • 5g of carbohydrates with 2.45g of fibre and only 0.05g of sugar.
  • Very low sodium, only 0.5 mg
  • All-natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners.
  • No sugar or dairy
  • 0 grams of protein
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