100% Organic Super Greens (Tablets) by Synergy Natural

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Detoxify your body today with 100% Organic Super Greens (tablets) by Synergy Natural. The combination of premium super greens will contribute to your 5+ daily servings of vegetable, which will help you improve your body not only on the inside but also the outside.

When we eat processed foods, our body tends to get over-acidic, and consuming super greens helps to get rid of it. Adding a premium super green to your daily routine will help to get rid of heavy metals and other toxins.

100% Organic Super Greens gives you all essential ingredients for a healthy living. A high-quality super green will boost energy and will also strengthen the immune system. When you give your body the right nutrients, your body will respond to it positively through better energy levels.

Choose a super green that is high-quality and combines the best ingredients available for the best results. 100% Organic Super Greens (tablets) by Synergy Natural gives you the best combination of organic and most dense super greens. Try it out today.

Each tablet of 100% Organic Super Greens will give you:
  • 33% of spirulina, which is a very popular super green that easily absorbed, and it has various nutrients and antioxidants.
  • 25% of barley grass leaf powder, which is a highly alkalising green plant rich in vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.
  • 25% of wheatgrass leaf powder, which is a great detoxifier that h will improve immune function.
  • 17% of chlorella, which is a nutrient-dense green that will help to cleanse the body from toxins.
  • No fillers or tableting aids
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