100% Casein Complex by Scitec Nutrition

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100% Casein Complex is a protein supplement designed to be slowly digested, meaning that amino acids are released into the system over a longer period of time allowing a constant flow of protein into the muscles. Ideal for anyone looking to improve their recovery overnight. 

What are the benefits of taking Casein Complex?

The formula is made up of branched-chain amino acids which encourage anabolism – the construction of new muscle cells - and L-Glutamine, which prevents muscle breakdown and regenerates damage to muscles.

Thanks to the slow release formula, Casein Complex is the perfect solution to help maintain your muscle gains overnight. While we sleep, we starve our muscles for 7 to 8 hours meaning that your efforts in workouts during the day can be compromised.

To counteract this effect, 100% Casein Complex can be released over the course of the night or during the day while you go about your normal or more sedentary routine to provide optimal recovery as well as allowing muscle gains to continue to build.

On top of this, Casein Complex is available in a range of delicious flavours including Belgian Chocolate, Cantaloupe White Chocolate and Maracuja White Chocolate, while still only containing 1.6g of fat and 1g of sugar.
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