Wreckage by Muscle Pharm

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Wreckage Pre Workout Quick Review: With only ten ingredients, the new Wreckage is a lean and mean formula that focuses on direct caffeine energy alongside l-citrulline fueled pump. This isn’t a gentle pre workout, but it also will not produce crazy euphoria like other super-stims. Wreckage is somewhere in the middle where it will make you feel like wrecking the gym, without the comforts of other balanced energy profiles.

Quick Strengths: High caffeine content at 300 mg. Five grams l-citrulline and other ingredients for pump. Tastes good.

Quick Weaknesses: Stripped formula compared to Wreckage V1. Under dosed beta alanine, no BCAA, low l-theanine compared to high caffeine dosage.

How to take Wreckage: Wreckage kicks in fast, but giving it some time to settle is worthwhile. Take Wreckage 20-35 minutes before lifting weights. Start with ½ serving if you’re not used to high caffeine pre workout supplements.

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