ZMA+ by Musashi

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Increase power, strength and stamina every time you hit the gym. ZMA+ by Musashi has a combination of minerals that will help you to replenish your depleted stores. After strenuous exercise, the body loses minerals and restoring back to normal levels is important.

How many times have you wished to have the power and energy to lift one more rep? ZMA+ has a combination of nutrients that will help you improve strength and performance so you can perform to your best every time you hit the gym.

It is essential to fuel your body with the right foods and exercise regime to get to your goals. However, sometimes, the body needs the proper supplementation to give that extra push. And that’s what ZMA+ will provide you with, extra stamina and energy so you can get that one extra rep.

Get the power, strength and stamina you need to hit your sessions hard every single time. Leave nothing behind at the gym, give your best each and every time. Try out ZMA+ by Musashi today.

Each capsule of ZMA+ will give you:
  • 100mg of Magnesium, which will help you improve the transportation of nutrients across the membranes.
  • 1mg of Manganese, which will help to enhance the production of energy as well as reduce fatigue when exercising.
  • 5mg of Zinc amino acid chelate, which will help you improve energy and strength.
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