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The USPLabs story begins in the mid nineties when a Texas nutrition student called Jacob Geissler started a comprehensive overview of the world’s natural herbal compounds. Enlisting a team of top sports scientists Geissler began his mission to get sports supplementation right.

Unhappy with much of what was then on offer, he searched for safe, natural herbal compounds that would enhance athletic performance and body building, as well as overall health and appearance. His team made a number of breakthroughs and even looked to traditional Indian Aryuvedic medicine, where they found the use of an extract from the plant Cissus Quadrangularis had proven to provide significant pain relief for athletes.

Excited by the results Geissler and his team developed a whole range of sports supplements, with the hallmark being natural, herbal extracts. Results by users have proven exceptional and the brand now enjoys a reputation for being at the cutting edge and creating products that are safe and provide optimum results. The company’s promise of ‘real muscle, real fast’ has proven to be true, simply check out some of their best selling products including Jack3d & Jack3d Micro, Test Powder, Versa-1 & Oxy Elite Pro.

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