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Ript X by Purge Sports

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PURGE RIPTX™ was formulated with one goal in mind: to put fat cells in its sights and focus on long-term fat loss. That's why our Thermogenic Stim Complex (Clinically dosed Fat Burner) includes Time-Release Infinergy® Caffeine for sustained energy, and TeaCrine®, a unique form of theacrine that starts working right away.

You'll only need to take one serving a day, and with different nootropics included in this formula, you'll have your best, most focused brain activated the whole time.

Like all the products in our Purge Sports™ line, RIPTX™ doesn't cut any corners. There's a reason one serving of RIPTX™ contains 5,500mg : because we wanted to provide you with the highest dosed, science-backed, ingredients associated with fat-loss when exercise is added and absolutely no bullsh**. If you add up the doses listed on the supplement facts panel of any other fat loss supplement on the market, none of them come close to our RIPTX™ formula.*

Unfortunately, when it comes to dosing and total ingredients, many supplement companies take a "less is more" approach to maximize profit on a given product. Sadly this "less is more" strategy doesn't apply to your results. Fat burners that require only one or two capsules per dose may sound convenient, but you end up sacrificing active ingredients and your own results.*

* Natural Clean Energy

* Increased Fat Burning

* Supports Metabolism

* Improve Energy & Mental Focus

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