Raw Fit Bio Active BCAA's by Amazonia

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Improve your recovery between workouts with Raw Fit Bio Active BCAA’s by Amazonia. The combination of natural ingredients will give your muscles the right nutrients to keep your muscles tissue in check.

The raw formula of branched-chain amino acids by Amazonia has premium quality ingredients so you can perform to your best every single time. You need to fuel your muscles and your body so you can perform to your pick every single time.

Raw Fit Bio Active BCAA’s will give you better recovery as well as performance when you hit the gym. Fuel your body with the right nutrients so you can improve your performance in the gym.

Hydration before, during and after your workout is also essential, and Raw Fit Bio Active BCAA’s will rehydrate your body with the addition of coconut water. Take your performance to the next level and try out Raw Fit Active BCAA’s by Amazonia today!

In every serving of Raw Fit Bio Active BCAA’s by Amazonia, you’ll get:
  • Natural Sea Minerals Complex, which includes magnesium and Himalayan pink salt to help keep blood pressure where it needs to be during exercise.
  • Beetroot Extract, which will boost muscular performance during the workout session.
  • Anti-fatigue Blend to help you tackle your workouts as well as give you energy.
  • Organic Acai Juice, which will help to provide solid antioxidant support.
  • 39% of calcium for stronger bones.
  • 36% of magnesium to help relax muscles.
  • No artificial flavours in this product.
  • Natural sweetener.
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