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Probiotica P3 - guaranteed-live good bacteria - No Refrigeration!

Probiotica P3 contains a proprietary blend of three highly resilient, well researched beneficial bacteria strains that don’t need to be refrigerated. So you can find Probiotica P3 on the shelves of
pharmacies and healthfood stores.

We guarantee it! So now, you can carry Probiotica P3:

• In your handbag

• In your desk at work

• When you’re on the go

• When you travel

Basically, you can take Probiotica P3 with you wherever you go.

Acid-resistant too!

PLUS, it’s important to remember that many probiotic bacteria are sensitive wee creatures. The harsh acidity in your stomach will kill many of them long before they get anywhere near your gut (where they need to be to do their jobs).
To make sure you get good bacteria that are still alive when they get where they need to be, Probiotica P3 uses specifically-selected acid-resistant strains that are also GUARANTEED to survive the intense acidity of your stomach.

Your digestive tract is the largest single immunity-related organ in your body – it actually contains 70% of your body’s immune defences. That means a healthy digestive tract will help to keep your immunity healthy too.

Plus, digestion is your body’s process of breaking down food into the nutrients it needs for fuel, repair, and everything else you need to function at your best. If your digestive system is struggling, you won’t absorb as much of the nutrients from your food as you could be.


Adults - 1 capsule after a meal

Children - 1/2 capsule after a meal

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