Multi Max (Mens) by Genetix Nutrition Core Series

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Genetix Nutrition Men’s Multi is an extensively researched formulation which was designed to offer support of the health and function of our cardiovascular system, cellular energy production, immune function, mental performance and may offer a fantastic way to boost our nutrient intake and improve our general health.

Think about all the metabolic reactions taking place inside your body every single day. What drives many of these reactions? Vitamins, minerals and trace minerals do! That’s why a daily multi is more important than people realise, offering a great fail-safe that will provide an important framework for which optimum athletic performance and general health are built. 

Also, consider that stress and our busy lifestyles often interfere with getting all the nutrients we need from a balanced and healthy diet. How handy would it be to have Genetix Men’s Multi as your back up for extra support.

Multi Max includes an impressive list of properly dosed nutrients the offer an everyday nutritional support formula with a couple of truly innovative features we will look at now

What makes Multi Max stand out?

  • The use of Liposomal Delivery Technology increases the bioavailability & absorption of nutrients which maximises their benefit.
  • For an additional nutrient boost a blend of whole food extracts has been included
  • Digestive enzyme blend has been included to enhance absorption & utilisation of nutrients
  • Addition of a clinically researched “Antioxidant Formula” which provide important antioxidant activity & boosts Nitric Oxide levels.
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