Mane Brain by Magnum Nutraceuticals

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When it comes to a nootropic that will deliver focus, energy and performance Mane Brain by Magnum Nutraceuticals is IT. This scientifically formulated supplement gives you the key ingredients for optimal mental abilities. This nootropic has important compounds including Organic Lions Mane extract, L-tyrosine – Nalt, Alpa GPC and Huperzine A, which will help with focus, energy and performance.

This ultimate nootropic has no stimulants so you can take it with a pre-workout or caffeine drink for enhanced energy and focus. Concentrate on tasks that require your full attention will be easier with Mane Brain. You will achieve optimal mental functions including clarity and cognitive functions.

Get your brain to its peak with Mane Brain and maximise your mental potentials. You will improve focus, energy, mental clarity and performance within 30 minutes of taking your first dose.

When you take Mane Brain by Magnum Nutraceuticals, you’ll get:

  • 500mg of Organic Lions Mane extract, which is a powerful brain food to improve your focus.
  • 350mg of L-tyrosine – Nalt (N-acetyl L-tyrosine) for memory and learning capacity.
  • 300mg of Bacopa monnieri to reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve memory and learning.
  • 300mg of Alpa GPC (Glycerylphosphorylcholine) to help with power output during resistance training.
  • 200mcg of Huperzine A, a natural supplement that helps to improve cognitive function
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