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Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein by Optimum Nutrition

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Who said being plant-based meant getting no gains? From now on, absolutely nobody. Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein by Optimum Nutrition is changing the game with the ultimate plant-based protein powder. Designed not only to fuel your muscle growth but support your overall wellness, this supplement encourages wholistic health development. Perfect for people that are conscious about what they’re fuelling their bodies with and those of you that are exploring plant-based alternatives. This formula combines pea protein, brown rice, and sasha inchi proteins to bring you a rich and nutrient-dense serving with each scoop. 

When you take Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein by Optimum Nutrition you will: 
  • Encourage fast recovery between workouts 
  • Support muscle growth and repair 
  • Maintain a healthy immune system response 
  • Help reduce bloating and digestive discomfort with gluten-free formula 
  • Fuel your gains with a cruelty-free plant-based alternative 

You CAN reach your body composition goals on a plant-based diet. You CAN fuel your gains with a plant-based protein powder. The assumption that plant-based options are less effective than their counterparts is simply not true. If your means of protein consumption is in alignment with your lifestyle, then you’ve hit the jackpot.  

In each serving of Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein, you will receive: 
  • 150 calories 
  • 24 grams of plant-based protein 
  • 90mg of Vitamin C 
  • 0.6mcg of Vitamin B12 
  • 100mg of Calcium 
  • 4.6mg of Iron 
  • 220mg of Potassium 
  • 210mg of sodium 
  • 1 gram of sugar 
  • 7 grams Total carbohydrates 
  • 3 grams of fat 


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