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Super-strength standardised Cranberry formula, which may help reduce the risk of cystitis.

Features and benefits

  • High potency formula providing 60g (60,000mg) of Cranberry per vege capsule, standardised for its levels of medicinally active compounds called proanthocyanidins
  • May help reduce the risk of cystitis and decrease the frequency of recurrent cystitis
  • Helps relieve symptoms of cystitis and other urinary tract conditions, including pain, burning and the need to urinate urgently and/or often
  • May help inhibit the adhesion of cystitis-causing bacteria to the bladder wall, and has demonstrated antibacterial, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties in in vitro research
  • May also help mask the unpleasant and embarrassing urinary odours associated with incontinence
  • Helps maintain normal health of the bladder and urinary tract
  • Provides antioxidant support to help protect cells against free radical damage
  • Specially formulated to be suitable for ongoing use to decrease cystitis risk, and/or taken alongside Fusion® Cystitis for additional antibacterial benefit when symptoms are present

How it works

Cystitis typically occurs when bacteria travel up the urinary canal from the genital region and colonise the mucous membrane lining the bladder wall. There they inflame the mucous membrane and trigger the characteristic symptoms of cystitis, which include burning pain and needing to urinate with increased frequency and/or urgency.

In Australia, the bacterium E. coli is responsible for up to 95% of cases of cystitis.

Fusion® Cranberry contains a highly concentrated Cranberry extract providing 60g (60,000mg) of Cranberry per vege capsule, standardised for its content of antioxidant compounds called proanthocyanidins.

The proanthocyanidins are regarded as being largely responsible for Cranberry’s benefits in reducing the risk of cystitis. In vitro research has shown that they may work by discouraging E. coli and other cystitis-causing bacteria from adhering to the mucous membranes of the urinary tract.

Further in vitro research indicates that Cranberry has antibacterial, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties.

Around 30% of women will experience at least one episode of cystitis during their lifetimes. It will recur within six months in around one in four cases, and many women end up experiencing repeated bouts of cystitis.

Fusion® Cranberry may help reduce the risk of cystitis and decrease the frequency of recurrent cystitis. It’s been specially formulated to be suitable for ongoing use, and can be taken with Fusion® Cystitis when additional relief of cystitis symptoms is required.

Cranberry also helps maintain normal health of the urinary tract and bladder, and may have additional benefits for people with urinary incontinence, as it may help reduce unpleasant and embarrassing urinary odours.

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