Cardio Tonic by Fusion Health

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When it comes to having a healthy heart, having a good diet and an active lifestyle is essential. The right supplementation will also help you to keep your heart in good “shape”. Cardio Tonic by Fusion Health is a combination of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, which helps to support heart health.

Heart disease is a big killer in Australia, so keeping your cardiovascular system in check is essential to a healthy and happy life. Simple measures will help to keep your heart in good shape, exercising, eating well, managing blood cholesterol and maintaining a healthy weight are just some things that you can do.

Supplementing with the right product will also help you to stay heart healthy. Cardio Tonic by Fusion Health does just that. The combination of herbs including Salvia miltiorrhiza (dan shen), Panax notoginseng (tienchi ginseng), Terminalia arjuna and vitamin k2 will help to support your cardiovascular system.

Cardio Tonic by Fusion helps to improve heart health, support healthy blood circulation as well as support artery health. Add this product to your daily routine and keep your heart at check.

Each serving of Cardio Tonic by Fusion has:
  • 5g of Salvia miltiorrhiza (known as Dan shen) root and rhizome to nourish and strengthen the heart blood
  • 750mg of Panax notoginseng (known as Tienchi ginseng) root to promote blood flow
  • 500mg of Terminalia arjuna (known as Terminalia) stem bark to strengthen the heart
  • 750mg Cinnamomum camphora (known as Camphor tree) leafy twig to help improve blood circulation
  • 45mcg Menaquinone 7 (known as MK-7, as vitaMK7®) to prevent the calcification of blood vessels
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