Black Ops by Platinum Labs

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Black Ops by Platinum Labs

Get pumped without getting stimmed!

It’s well known pre-workouts help you have a great workout, but not everyone wants consume caffeine and stims before the gym.

Well there’s a way you can take a pre-workout and not have to worry about the stims, and it’s called Black Ops.

Black Ops is a non-stimulant pre-workout designed to help give you the focus and endurance you need to push your workout while driving nutrients to your muscles for vein swelling muscle pumps and roadmap vascularity.

One scoop is all you will ever need to convince you to never go back to your “normal” way of working out!

Get the benefits of a pre-workout without the stims. Get Black Ops now!

Benefits of Black Ops:

  - Helps Improve Your Focus

  - Helps Boost Nitric Oxide Levels

  - Helps Stimulate Protein Synthesis

  - Helps Increase Muscle Endurance

  - Helps Keep Your Muscles Hydrated

  - Helps Improve Nutrient Absorption

  - Helps Increase Vascularity

  - Contains No Stimulants

Key Ingredients of Black Ops:

Niacin: Otherwise known as vitamin B3 works as a vasodilator to open up the blood pathways and give you a 'flushed' feeling. This increases blood flow to your organs and muscles bringing them nutrients whilst you work out and helping them to repair faster.

L-Taurine: A non-essential amino acid that helps lower lipid levels in the bloodstream promoting good cardiovascular health and assists in maintaining your energy levels.

Nitrosigine: Increases blood flow to working muscles and significantly boosts nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is extremely important for cellular function and regulates blood pressure whilst increasing endurance and strength.

Agmatine Sulfate: Stimulates protein synthesis and supports creatine production increasing your ability to produce energy, which helps you train harder and helps to get faster results from exercise.

Hydromax: Keeps you and your muscles hydrated- in fact hyper hydrated! Avoiding dehydration and fluid loss during your training session means your athletic performance is maximized.

GPLC: An amino acid that, when combined with exercise, plays a big role in how your muscles function by aiding blood flow, allowing improved nutrient absorption and lactic acid removal for a smoother recovery.

Choline Bitartrate: A nootropic supplement that helps with memory formation and other cognitive processes, keeping you focused and on the ball through your training session.

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