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Features and benefits

  • Contains a highly concentrated extract of Bilberry, standardised for its content of antioxidant compounds called anthocyanosides
  • Maintains healthy eyes and supports healthy vision
  • May help prevent and relieve eye strain and tired eyes
  • Suitable for people who spend long periods of time at a computer or doing other types of detailed work that leads to visual fatigue
  • May assist vision at night time and in low light
  • May help the eyes adapt to variations in light intensity and help maintain sharp vision in poor light
  • Helps protect the structures of the eyes from free radical damage
  • Maintains the health and integrity of the capillaries that nourish the eyes
  • Promotes healthy circulation in and around the eyes

How it works

The complex structure and sophisticated functioning of your eyes allows you not only to perceive things in the environment around you, but also to understand and interpret what you’re seeing.

One key aspect of this process is the focussing of an image onto the retina, which is situated at the back of the eye and contains two different types of light-sensitive cells (photoreceptors): the rods and the cones. These specialised cells convert light rays into nerve impulses and ultimately allow you to see. Bright lights stimulate the cones, enabling you to see colours, while the rods allow you to see in dim light and dark conditions. If rod functioning is impaired, your ability to see in the dark may be too, making it difficult to drive at night.

A pigment found in the rods called rhodopsin (also known as visual purple) is critical to their functioning, and helps your eyes adapt to dim light and darkness.

Fusion® Bilberry is standardised for its levels of antioxidant compounds called anthocyanosides, which help support the regeneration of rhodopsin, thereby assisting rod function, visual sharpness (acuity) in dim light, and the eyes’ ability to adapt to varying light intensity, from brightness and glare to darkness and poorly lit environments.

Fusion® Bilberry may also help prevent and relieve tired eyes and eye strain, making it particularly beneficial for people who spend long periods of time at a computer or doing other types of detailed work.

In addition, Bilberry and its anthocyanosides help to maintain eye health and support healthy vision by helping to protect the structures of the eyes from free radical damage, maintaining the health and integrity of the capillaries in the eyes, and promoting healthy blood flow and circulation to the eyes and surrounding tissues.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

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