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Amino Grow by Platinum Labs

There is one proven method for building muscle that every fitness enthusiast should know.

It's no secret, it is just a massively overlooked fundamental of fitness, and that is RECOVERY! Recovery is the number one proven method for building new muscle and maintaining existing muscle.

Proper recovery means your muscles have rebuilt themselves and are ready for intensity, which leads to the one thing we all want in the gym..... gains. What if we told you that there is a way to accelerate that recovery. There is!

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AminoGrow by Platinum Labs a high quality intra workout Amino Acid blend that helps improve muscle recovery while aiding your body to naturally increase its HGH levels so you can Train, Recover, and Improve!  

This scientifically proven formula utilizes the anabolic 2:1:1 ratio for extremely muscle growth, preventing your body from entering a catabolic state. 

During your workouts your muscle are under a lot of stress, due to the stress your muscles become highly receptive to nutrients in your blood stream and feed off of them immediately. This is the key time to feed your muscles. 

AminoGrow feeds your muscle the exact nutrients at the most crucial time so your muscle can build and recover faster, and takes it a step further!

Platnium labs also added in Picamilon which in human clinical studies showed that if taken during exercise it gives a 500% increase in HGH production! Additional, the formula features a full variety of vitamins to ensure we are getting important micronnutrients that are often missed are looked over.

Recovery is a direct path to muscle growth. Recover faster, trainer harder, and improve with AminoGrow by Platnium Labs.

Key Benefits of AminoGrow by Platnium Labs?

-Promotes Faster Recovery Time

-Naturally Increases your Body's HGH Levels

-Helps Boost Libido

-Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass

-Promotes Better Sleep


What are the Key Ingredients of the AminoGrow formula? 

BCAAs: Also commonly referred to as, Brained Chained Amino Acids, are the building blocks to protein synthesis. Amino Acids are esssential nutrients that the boddy obtains from proteins found anin food. AminoGrow contains essential amino Acid  L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine. These BCAA's are crucial for building muscle mass and recovery during and after your workouts. Users experience an increase in muscle growth and a decrease in muscle fatigue. BCAA are extremely important for active indivisuals such as athletes and bodybuilders, due to the fact it improves exercise performance and reduce protein and muscle breakdown during intense exercise.

Picamilon: This ingredient is the neurotransmitter called GABA, and once it crosses the blood brain barrier it produces relaxation, calmness, increases HGH production, and even prevents anxiety. In the AminoGrow formula this ingredient serves to promote nervous control and recovery time after performing work. 


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