Alkaline Berry Superfood By BSC

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I no longer believed in the idea of anyone being a superhero. The jungle of germs around are simply infectious.

It has been said that a colourful plate is the sign of a healthy diet. Immureds is more than a fruit blend; it’s an advanced combination of heart friendly plant sterols and high ORAC Super fruits.
Containing a host of hand selected phytonutrient-rich berry superstars including Organic Acai, Organic Maqui and Organic Pomegranate, Immureds is bursting with a potent variety of Vitamins, Minerals, Carotenes and Protein. Yes this has everything you expect from a reds supplement and a something a little unexpected… It tastes Great

Antioxidants help to fight the effects of modern day living (stress, junk foo ds, exercise, smoking) that can often accelerate the natural aging process. Immureds combines a high antioxidant fruit and vegetable powder with super foods and soluble and insoluble fibre to help build immunity, fight free radicals and protect the cells against diseases and premature aging.
Free from Dairy, Gluten, Soy & Preservatives comes a reds powder to protect and energise your lifestyle. Suitable for anyone from vegans/vegetarians to those who eat wrong but want to eat right!
The nutrient rich reds powder contains a high antioxidant fruit and vegetable powder with Vitamins and soluble and insoluble fibre for a great tasting, nutrient rich reds drink..
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