Musashi Bulk Mass Gain Protein - Promotes Weight Gain and Recovery

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What is Bulk Mass Gain by Musashi?

Who doesn’t want to get bigger and add serious size?

The problem is that many people aren’t eating enough. You need quality calories and macronutrients to achieve the size you’re after. Supplementing with mass gainers is an easy way to get in a great deal of calories in one shot. Problem is that most are low quality and filled with sugar.

Bulk Mass Gain by Musashi is a revolutionary mass gainer that has everything you need without the added fillers and junk.

Bulk Mass Gain by Musashi provides you with the following:

223 calories
26grams of high quality Whey Protein Concentrate
22grams of complex carbohydrates

What are the benefits of using Bulk Mass Gain by Musashi?

When mass and muscle is on your mind, Bulk Mass Gain by Musashi is the answer to your supplement needs. It has been specially designed for those hardgainers and naturally skinny guys. If you’re a naturally skinny person, you need A LOT of calories, especially protein. Bulk Mass Gain by Musashi gives you the extra boost in calories and macros to ensure muscle building, size gains, and sports recovery.

By making Bulk Mass Gain by Musashi a part of your diet and training program, you can expect the following benefits:

Supporting more size
Promoting lean muscle mass gains
High quality calories for mass building
Better and faster recovery from intense activity
Easy access to a higher caloric intake (1-6)

Who should be using Bulk Mass Gain byMusashi?

Bulk Mass Gain by Musashi is for every guy who has felt too small despite his big muscle dreams. When you want to pack on size, you need REAL calories. Not sugar. Not junk. Bulk Mass Gain by Musashi provides you with the highest quality macros and calories for a safe and effective means to gain real muscle and mass.

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