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Best in Class Nutritional Supplements from BNRG

Enhance metabolism and immune system function with nutritional supplements from BNRG. Started in 1991 by famed bodybuilder Kevin Lawrence, Bionutritional Research Group prides itself on using years of research and development to create life enhancing products. The results are proprietary ingredients that help athletes perform at optimal levels.

Targeted Protein Delivery for Faster Muscle Building

- Start your day off right with the targeted nutrition of Proto Whey. As the first 100% pure hydrolyzed whey protein on the market, Proto Whey is the flagship of BNRG’s DTP DI and Tripeptide technology. Designed to specifically target the PEPT-1 transporter, Proto Whey helps increase and improve protein absorption throughout the body.

More Peptides for Enhanced Energy and Nutrition

- The science behind BNRG products means you get more than just another whey protein supplement. You also experience better digestive energy levels and improved intestinal health. Plus, the higher rate of DH works to reduce allergy sensitivity and lower glycemic response.

Treat Your Body to Better Protein Absorption

- Boost your daily protein intake and enhance your body’s performance with BNRG supplements. Backed by years of scientific research, this bioengineered food is the perfect complement to living and maintaining your best, healthy lifestyle.

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