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Aussie Bodies

Aussie Bodies

Aussie Bodies

Aussie Bodies was founded in 1992, and was the first company to introduce Whey Protein Powder (WPC) in the Australian market. They launched Australia's first Ready-To-Drink Protein in 1996. With a popular protein-empowered range including bars, drinks and powders, Aussie Bodies is currently one of the fastest growing brands in Australian grocery.

Aussie Bodies is a rapidly growing, progressive Australian company dedicated to nourishing both body and mind. Through the dedication and passion of our expert team we are recognized as leaders and innovators in the field of nutritional supplementation.

Quality nutrition starts with awareness, which is why Aussie Bodies is committed to helping men and women gain a better understanding and appreciation of their own bodies. In today's world of dietary extremes based on unhealthy ideals, our aim is to encourage informed eating with an emphasis on freedom of choice.

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